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Scrolling Text Horizontally

April 11, 2005
by James Newton

The movie above demonstrates a behavior that converts a single line text sprite into a horizontally scrolling sprite. Users can:

Developers can:


     tPropList = [:]
     tPropList[#name]  = "Enter your name here"
     tPropList[#email] = " / at /"
     sendAllSprites(#setText, tPropList)


Source files: scrollLeft.sit (Mac) | (Windows)

James Newton started working with Director 5 in 1997. He wrote many of the behaviors that ship with Director since version 7. James lives in Dunoon, near Glasgow, Scotland. His company, OpenSpark Interactive, is responsible for marketing PimZ OSControl Xtra. When not coding he can be found racing his classic Flying Fifteen around the Holy Loch, making things with his four children, or catching escaped hamsters.

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