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Changing Fonts

November 27, 1997
by Matthew Cave

I saw Zav's article on changing the default font for Director on the Macintosh (pretty snazzy, I think...) but I was really disturbed by the lack of a solution for the Windows folks... so... a little elbow grease, and here it is.

This is an assumption on my part, but it seems that the code base for Director always refers back to the Macintosh fonts. Maybe weird, and maybe true. Since the fonts have different names on the PC, then there must a mapping file like the FONTMAP.TXT file, right?

Yep. There is.

Have you ever wondered what the file was? Well, I didn't either until last week, and then I went poking around in it. Voila! There it was.

All you have to do is figure out which font we want to change (the one in the Message and Script windows) which happens to be Monaco on the Mac. See in the file where Monaco is mapped to that gawdawful courier? Change it to map to MS Sans Serif or Arial, like in the following figure.

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