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This is a place for discussions about ideas and perhaps rules for WikiLink?s in this DirectorWiki?. We can start here - and as soon as this page gets too big, we can split it up into subtopics. --ThomasSchmall

For people that have not much experience with discussions in Wikis: Add new replies to the bottom. Sign with your name (preferably use RealName?'s). If you want to reply to a paragraph then answer below and use tab and colon to inline your text (see below). You can seperate new topics with a horizontal line (4 minus characters). You can also use italics to show that a text is from a different author.

inline like this if you want to reply to certain paragraphs - use the ConvertSpacesToTabs option below the edit window, if your browser doesn't allow tabs.

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Some things we should talk about

How to link to syntax? I don't know how this is solved in other wikis about programming languages - we should at least define how to do it, so we don't get a mess with several approaches. An example would be the actorList. How to link? At the moment it is done like this: actorList. We could also write ActorList or The ActorList. And will we prefer RealNames? This is common among Wikis, so I for now stick with my realname. But will we care about this, or just let everyone do as he wants?--Thomas Schmall

IMO - This would be a good place to document important ideas, while the mailinglist is probably better for general discussion because it's designed for that - the wiki is not and could soon get out of control if people start pouring every minute thought onto this page. Also not sure how the wiki copes with simultaneous submissions which are *very* likely if we use this page too much.-- Robert Tweed

You're right, for heavy discussions a mailinglist is better.
If you edited while someone submitted a change to a page, the Wiki gives you an error message - this way you just can grab the new version and paste your changes.--Thomas Schmall