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on WikiScript(aScript) -----------------------------------------------
   -- INPUT: <aScript> should be a string or a script member, or the
   --         name or number of a script member
   -- OUTPUT: Returns a string with a space before each line so that
   --         the string will appear as pre-formatted text in DougWiki
   case ilk(aScript) of
       -- continue
      return WikiScript(aScript.scriptText)
     #integer, #string:
       return WikiScript(member(aScript))
       return "String or script member expected"
   end case
   i = the number of lines of aScript
   repeat while i
     if the number of words of line i of aScript then
       put " " before line i of aScript
     end if
     i = i - 1
   end repeat
   return aScript
 end WikiScript