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Welcome to Director Online Wiki. This is a website where you can contribute to producing the definitive Director documentation, and where you can benefit from the contributions of others.

This wiki incorporates the Directorforum Collaboration Wiki.

Please take a little time to explore the site. Dark blue and purple links lead to articles that already exist; red links indicate where an article still needs to be written; light blue links lead to external pages.

To add your own page, please visit the Getting Started page. You can find tips on using the Wiki at User's Guide and tips on editing the pages at the Wikipedia Editing Help. If you want to add handlers to an article, you can use this handler to format your text correctly.

NOTE: Due to the wiki being overrun with spam and targeted by hackers, we've shut down editing, probably permanently. (Oct. 23, 2011). So this is sort of an archive.

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Director 11.x

The wider picture

Working with Director is not just about getting Director to work. You also need to know about a whole series of related topics.

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Discuss ideas and rules in the Director Wiki Discussion and the Coding Convention Discussion

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If you are a regular contributor to Director Online then add your profile to the Developer Profile page.